About us

Surf Level Morocco offers you an adventure you’ll never forget. You get the chance to surf and discover beautiful Morocco. We have surf packages and activities for all ages.

Our surf camp is located in Tamraght, 14km from Agadir. The area is famous for its ideal conditions allowing for hours of surf fun and regularly attracting amateurs and professional surfers looking to score barrelling right hand point breaks. Having said that, we have plenty of sandy beaches for beginners too!

All Surf Level Morocco instructors and guides are exceptional high standard professionals who are passionate about their work. They know the local beaches like the back of their hand and will make sure you not only find your perfect wave but also have loads of fun doing it.


My name is Yassin Iddouch, I am a professional bodyboarder born and raised in Tamraght, Agadir and the owner of Surf Level Morocco.

It was in 2002, thanks to my cousin, that I was introduced to and discovered my passion for bodyboarding. This sport has changed my life and, having well reflected, I decided to entirely devote myself to it.

In 2004 I participated in my first professional competition held at Tamri, north of Agadir. I had a great feeling that I might one day become champion of Morocco and why not a world champion.


My brother and business partner is also a professional bodyboarder, known on national and global scale, world champion in 2012 and many times Moroccan champion.

We love what we do and want to share our love for the ocean and the sport (both surfing and bodyboarding) with others.

I decided to finally and entirely devote myself to this sport that changed all my life after having well reflected.

In 2004 I decided to try my luck and assess my level, my first competition was at Tamri, north of Agadir. I had a great feeling that I might one day become champion of Morocco and why not a world champion.

Championship Morocco

• 1st position Regional Zone D (Championship Morocco 2012)
• 1st position Morocco’s pro championship, first stage, Ain sebaa Casablanca
• 4th position Mocrocco’s pro championship, second stage, El Jadida
• 5th position Morocco’s pro championship, third stage El Mohammadia
• 1st position Morocco’s pro championship, fourth step, Jack beach Casablanca
• Vice champion of Morocco 2012 Grand final, Casablanca Dar Bouaza

Agadir OPEN

• 4th position Agadir open 2011 at Imouran, Agadir
• 2nd position Agadir open 2012 at Imouran, Agadir
• 1/2 final Agadir open 2013 at Imouran, Agadir
• 1st position Agadir open 2016 at Imouran, Agadir

European Tour Bodyboarding

• 1/8 final last ETB 2013 in Kenitra
• 5th position ETB 2012 Mohammadia
• 5th position ETB 2013 Portugal